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Wedding flower arrangements, bride's bouquet and boutonniere and, having become traditional, bouquets of bridesmaids - what should they be? The Italian florists know this, working with such delicate material, alone or with a family dynasties, accumulating international experience and constantly improving.

Florists in Italy skillfully combine the transferred by generations and the accumulated knowledge with the most modern world trends and technologies of the Flower Industry. The flowers that will decorate one of the most significant days of your life, will stay fresh a long time and will delight everyone.

Creating a bride's bouquet, we take into account all the nuances - from the character, color of the eyes, to the length of the hair, the shape of the hairstyle and dress.

Not only our colleagues florists, but we ourselves can make a bride's bouquet and boutonniera for your small intimate ceremony according to all rules and classical canons, or vice versa, bring unusual notes of playful romance and passion to the music of the lovers' hearts!

You still need to come up with the name of your unique Wedding Story! To create an unusual arch or likeness of an altar, to decorate the festive hall, church and photo zones so that the decorations are in harmony with the overall concept of celebration, with mood and style of the couple, taking us to the fairy tale world...  All this is a joint work of the wedding planner and florist-decorator.

Perhaps you want a classic wedding with minimalism, or maybe - a bright party theme? Your wedding is planned in summer or winter? On all of this will depend what kind of flowers we will get according to your wishes and budget. It will be gentle and airy designs of spring field colors in pastel shades in rural traditions, original ikebanas with exotic plants, or maybe fruity-berry bouquet, eco-style or incredible creations with a glitter of gilding, Stars-worthy, for a Hollywood party?

However, if you already have a clear image of the perfect wedding bouquet, boutonniera, compositions, so you can send us the pictures. And then it will be their exact copies.

Our florists will give joy on the most important day of life, and bouquets and compositions will become true works of art!

Still can not choose? Listen to the advice of our decorators, florists, stylists, and you will not regret! Impeccable taste combined with Italian soul make miracles. Even the most humble celebration will become unrecognizable, and your wedding in Italy will be remembered forever for its scent of happiness!

ATTENTION! Wedding package include a standard bride's bouquet with a boutonniera for the groom (seasonal flowers)!

Italia Viaggi
Italia Viaggi Como, Italy

Аксессуары для букетов

As decoration of wedding bouquet will serve handmade ribbons, lace, brooches, buttons, Swarovski crystals and semiprecious stones, which will also protect cautious and superstitious brides from evil eye: agate, jasper, cat’s eye, moon stone. The love charm will be pearls, amethyst, rose quartz or carnelian.

The decorations give your bouquet a special charm and unique style!

Italia Viaggi
Italia Viaggi Como, Italy

Венки, цветы в прическе

Красота и невинность всегда ассоциируются с венком-диадемой из цветов на голове невесты.

Самые разные цветы, всевозможные композиции! Наши парикмахеры-стилисты в Италии предложат вам оригинальные варианты украшений из цветов в виде венков, диадем, вплетения в косу или свежего бутона в волосах, которые подчеркнут красоту вашей прически.

Если же Вы желаете, чтобы Ваша свадебная фантазия была реализована предельно точно и безукоризненно, то заранее обратитесь к ближайшему знакомому флористу или дизайнеру, сделайте пробу и пришлите нам подробное описание с фотографиями самых важных композиций и деталей, которые наши специалисты воплотят в реальность!

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