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Сюда ничего не вписывать, тут разметка для карты!!!

Italy is a country with rich history, and in every corner of it you find what to see, and where to rest! From the northern part - where the Alps and cool even in summer, to the south of Italy - where it is sunny and warm in winter. Wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or birthday - we organize any celebration in any direction: Venice, Milan, Verona, Sardinia or Sicily, Liguria, Florence, Rome or Rimini, on the lakes of Garda, Orta, Maggiore, Como, on Islands, etc.

We are professionally and carefully engaged in the selection of places for weddings in Italy, which should maximally suit the newlyweds and please the guests! We offer the maximum range of wedding destinations throughout the territory!

Look at the map of Italy and choose your favorite from twenty regions! Everyone has its own face, own history.

Italy is a delicious dish to savor for a long time!

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