Wedding Themes

Wedding in Italy - this is an exceptional event which should become your most important!

We have a huge number of variations on the theme of your love! The harmonious combination of image of the bride with groom to the selected location, style and theme of the wedding day, and even the time of year, will make the birthday of your family unique, most romantic and happy holiday! Answer some questions to facilitate the selection of wedding themes:

  • How rich and lush to be your wedding? Decide what kind of holiday you are most attracted to: a magnificent venetian dance or lavish banquet, a light buffet, beach party or picnic, or maybe a romantic dinner for two on the small terrace with views of the sunset ..?
  • Who do you invite to the feast? Think about the number of guests, if they have common interests? What can be done to make guests feel comfortable to be together? Whether it is enough to a wedding day, or need a program before and after the wedding?
  • Who do you want to feel like this is an important day? You can "travel back" in the era of jousting against the backdrop of a medieval castle, arrange Nobility Assembly in the luxurious Palazzo, playing shepherdess and the chimney sweep in the style of "country-chic" in Italian Farm Holidays, rent a romantic music video style Assol and Gray on the yacht under the crimson Sailing, feel innocent charm of his youth in an elegant villa "Shabby-chic" in the old style, or choose a theme wedding Michelin star in a prestigious restaurant in the trendy high-tech style. Or, arrange Milan "Fashion-Week" of haute couture on the catwalk in the spotlight? Or complete the wedding day in the flickering candlelight, dissolved in luxury luxurious Thermes and plunged into a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere .. SPA-Sea popular wedding on board the ship - the ship will lead your fleet to the first family's favorite swimming captain! Unleash your imagination!
  • Perhaps you are attracted to geographical features or national character? Wedding It can be conducted in a purely Italian folk traditions, with the participation of local folklore. Venice Carnival and associated with fancy-dress ball in the style of the Venetian "Doge", and Rome or Pompeii - marketplace for theatrical hot sex party in Roman robes with wine tasting, bottled in bronze cups. A wedding in the style of "retro" and invited the Italian Mafia in Sicily. A pirate theme party "action" with a gripping storyline can be arranged on an old galleon in the waters of Liguria. For a wedding in the style of Persian "Thousand and One Nights", we also find suitable sites!If future newlyweds have a common hobby or profession unites them, it could be the key to the selection of topics. For those who like speed, drive a Ferrari, we will organize a wedding. A very interesting style of literary, musical portrait or wedding - a holiday for smart newlyweds and their guests.The success enjoyed special wedding poems or songs, when the romantic ceremony, oath of young and congratulatory speeches written personally for you our poet - a member of the International Guild of Writers, or a talented composer.The time of year also dictates its own rules and Wedding offers extraordinary thematic solutions. Spring is so nice to celebrate a triumph in the lush garden, a New Year's wedding, you can spend on the slopes, and autumn Halloween wedding - in the woods, Pestryaev colored paints the leaves!The basis subjects the wedding ceremony can take anything you want: hobbies, books, music, movies ... The main thing is to enjoy all the participants received a celebration!Forget about stereotypes! We will make your holiday unique!Any fantasy we will help to realize your wedding day - no matter what you will be abroad! Contact us!

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