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In Italy traditionally it’s used gold 750 fineness- 18 carat in making jewelry. For silverware minimum permissible fineness is 800. Maximum fineness for Italian silverware is 925.

We offer assistance in choosing and getting wedding rings of famous Italian brands of gold, platinum, palladium: Pomellato, Bulgari, Damiani, Cartier, Tiffany, Carlo Pignatelli, Polello, Salvini, Bibig, Unoaerre, SOA, Diana, Roberto Coin, Stroili, Leopizzo, Artlinea, Tuum and many others. We will arrange for maintenance, offer discounts.

Rings are the essential wedding attributes. They should be special because these aren’t just decoration, but symbol of fidelity and endless love to each other. While choosing rings, listen to your heart. You can decide upon classic- very comfortable smooth wedding rings, and decorate them with monograms of first letters of name or fret appropriate patterns. Rings may be generously massive or gracefully lace, with and without stones, thin and not very- there is a big choice of all kind in Italy! Rings may be made exclusive and unique like your love. The best jewelry houses are at your service! In Italy jewelry art goes back to the remote past to royal thrones and luxurious balls, and every day just gets more perfect. Today staying faithful to these traditions, constant search for new materials and technologies, originality, pure taste and boundless imagination allow the Italians to hold fast leading position on the world market, and make Italian jewelry the most prestigious in the world. Our modern life requires not only wedding rings, but also so-called engagement rings. They are given and accepted as a promise to marry. However, the ring shouldn’t be given only by man. It’s propitious occasion for wife to thank her husband for many years of marriage. Inside can be engraved: “For your patience, darling!”

Attractive engraving on the inside of rings is for immortalization of wedding date and name of spouse. For example, Vladimir Mayakovsky ordered a ring with the initials of beloved woman (L. Y. B.– Leah Yuryevna Brik). If you turned the ring, it would possible to read the word "LOVE"...

Italia Viaggi
Italia Viaggi Como, Italy

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Even in small towns you can find jewelry shops with original handicrafts. But if you want the best - we invite you to special places, Arezzo, Vicenza, Valenza, where from time immemorial noble dynasties of jewelers work, or to the capitals of Italian shopping: Florence, Rome, Naples, and of course, Milan.

We will arrange for you escort of a guide professional shopper. Discounts will pleasantly surprise you!

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