Символические свадебные церемонии в Италии, в любом красивом месте. Еще больше возможностей!

Symbolic wedding

Symbolic ceremonies will be held in every corner of the beautiful Italy, we will make your holiday truly memorable, special and unique! Are you already married? Do you want to celebrate your Anniversary in Italy, living again your feelings, dreams and fantasies set in wonderful sceneries such as " The Betrothed" (Manzoni novel) or "Romeo and Juliet"? Your wishes can come true...

Your Anniversary will be named "The History of our Love"!After your family and friends party do you want to choose a romantic retreat in the picturesque Italian village?

Or vice versa, your registration has passed the house in a narrow range, but you want to make in Italy a huge celebration for the most important guests?

Symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy - it is the best option!

We are pleased to offer you a packages of symbolic wedding anywhere in Italy, or develop an individual program for you taking into account all the wishes. Our prices for the wedding ceremony in Italy is quite affordable and depends primarily on your preferences and financial capabilities.


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