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Weddings in Italy

You may have the universe if I may have Italy!

Giuseppe Verdi

ITALIA VIAGGI professionally organizes civil wedding, symbolic and religious marriage ceremonies, any holidays and celebrations in Italy.

We will help you to choose the best place for your wedding in Italy, on the basis of your budget and your wishes.

Your wedding Anniversary - it is a further reason to come back to this beautiful sunny country!

Honeymoon trips to Italy - a great opportunity to plunge into the myths and realities of this magical country! We will do everything to make your trip to Italy unforgettable and full of emotions.

The great Shakespeare chose Italy as the scenery of his beautiful "Romeo and Juliet" love story. Getting married in Italy is charm, luxury, romance and passion! Ceremonies are celebrated whether in the hall of the Municipality or on the spacious terrace of your hotel, in the garden of historic villa or on the boat / yacht on the lake or the sea... You can choose!

We speak English, Italian and Russian and we're located on Lake Como, in the homonimous town.

Important questions

  • What are the main issues you need to discuss in advance with your "half"?

    • From a huge number of offers with our help you have to choose the right location. How pleasant it will be to remember years later that you had married in Italy!
    • Subject: prepare a story about your ideal wedding, style and wishes. Probably, you already have materials with examples - grab them with you or send them to us Dreams Come True!
    • Wedding Agency: You need an expert to whom you can entrust organizational arrangements. You easily rush forward to the embodiment of your desires with him! He should be constantly in touch, and if necessary - until the farewell at the airport! Perhaps, he will be your coordinator. Are you planning to visit Italy for the first time? We will tell you the features and nuances that help to make the right choice and enjoy this amazing country! Trust us to fully feel happy and give free rein to the beautiful emotions on the crucial day!
    • A ceremony master is a person who will pronounce you husband and wife! When all the guests are Russian, we suggest holding a Symbolic ceremony in your native language! In the case of an international wedding, the speech sounds or is translated synchronously in any language of the world!
    • Preparation and receipt of documents: if you need an Italian (Schengen) visa. For official registration civil or religious wedding read the "Documents" section.
    • A hairdresser, make-up artist and stylist are needed for the bride and groom. You will look perfect!
    • Photographer and videographer: magical memories will remain on a long memory, you will give them to your children and grandchildren!
    • How to get to Italy? We will take care of the issues with tickets and booking any transport.
    • Domestic transfers: from the airport to the hotel, from there to the municipality or to the place of celebration, for a walk and to the restaurant. Of course, the budget depends on the type of movement, distances and duration of the lease. And for the newlyweds we will offer a wedding cortege with a personal professional driver!
    • Bouquet and boutonniere, in harmony with the rest of the design. Start searching for the best version of the bouquet in advance - this is the most important attribute!
    • Pre-party and entertainment. Your family and friends will like it!
    • Honeymoon: rely on us in everything!

  • Why it is this country - Italy - that you choose?

    This is an extraordinarily attractive European country, offering so many amazing places for your wedding! The decoration of the celebration will be sunny landscapes, ancient cities and historical sights, picturesque lakes and azure seas, luxurious palaces and elegant villas.

    Let's arrange your wedding ceremony or banquet in Italy on the beach, a terrace with a panoramic view, in the middle of vineyards or orange plantations, olive groves or green hills of the countryside!

    Italian legislation officially invites foreigners wishing to marry in Italy. Preliminary residence in the country is not required. Bureaucratic formalities we solve without the presence of the young. The marriage concluded in Italy is valid in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as in many other foreign countries.

    Choose Rome or Florence, Verona or Venice, Milan or Naples, lakes or islands, seas or mountains! Feel the atmosphere of Italian hospitality, the originality and charm of the towns, enjoy traditional cuisine, appreciate the taste of wines, feel the freshness and romance of the sea breeze and the purity of the mountain air!

    Plan your trip with us to Italy, and it will give you extraordinary impressions and leave indelible memories of your wedding in Italy! Italy fascinates and attracts ... Who has been here once, always wants to come back again. We will provide you the best of holidays in life!

  • Civil or symbolic ceremony? What is the difference?

    Many people used to think that the Italian Certificate of Marriage is unlikely to have legal force in the homeland. It's a delusion.

    If you trust the experience of our professionals, you will get the documents easily, valid at your place of residence, on the basis of a notarized translation of your Italian Marriage Certificate if necessary.

    We take care of getting Null-Ost and submitting a package of documents to the Municipality. After sending a package of documents you will receive a confirmation of the issuance of Null-Ost – its’ scanned copy.

    It is not necessary neither to come to Italy before the wedding, register on queue at the Consulate, nor to go to the authorities. All this we do ourselves, without your presence.

    You must appear on the spot two or three days before the wedding, in order to sign the Marriage Declaration, accompanied by our coordinator-translator. And after the wedding you will receive an official document - a legalized Marriage Certificate by courier mail or personally.

    The disadvantage of the civil ceremony is that the choice of locations is limited and strictly defined by the municipal authorities. In the big cities of Italy the representative of the Сity Hall pronounces the dry phrases lacked of sincerity and articles of the Law, and the ceremony lasts only 15 - 20 minutes.

    For a symbolic ceremony in Italy there are no restrictions - it is very romantic, speech of the ceremonial master is much more beautiful because it doesn't follow any strict pattern, but individually for each pair. Here we take care of all of your wishes, even congratulations to the couple in poems or songs! We offer different places for a symbolic ceremony.

    The price of a modest symbolic ceremony can be cheaper than civil one held in ordinary municipal office. If for a symbolic ceremony you choose a luxurious hall in a palace or castle or a noble private villa, famous for its century-old family history, the price will increase. The main part of price of the Basic Package is the rent of chosen venue. Pay attention to this point - it is either included in the package, or is requested separately in each specific case.

  • Can I find out the price of wedding or any particular service in Italy?

    It is hard to answer this question clearly for several reasons. The price of a wedding depends of the place of its holding, as well as of some other major factors. These factors include the number of guests invited, the season, the duration of wedding and so on.

    Civil ceremonies must be paid off in accordance with the local rules of a chosen Italian city. The price can depend on the restaurant hall/place, time of day, as well as special conditions for the weekend and Italian official holidays.

    For example, the prices for a bride’s bouquet may be evaluated when you show us a photo/picture that allows to determine its composition. Then we ask the florist whether it is possible to order the selected flowers or replace them with something similar. Size and shape also matter!

    The average price for a beautiful standard size seasonal bouquet is specified on the "Bouquets" card in "Services" page.

    Arch or stylish decoration of the altar may differ in budget depending on their parameters. We first say a lowest price because there is no such a word as “impossible” for us. Our genius decorators can embody any of your fantasies in reality! Your order will be performed 100% unique and according to your specific requirements.

    The answer for question "How much does a wedding car cost?" needs detailed requirements as well. The model of a car, its color, the year of manufacture, as well as the distances you plan to travel are important for cost evaluation!

    Therefore, we invite you to discuss all the details in a dialog. The preparation surely will take time, but you will get your unforgettable and unique wedding in Italy, and we bear full responsibility for its ideal holding!

  • How to calculate the wedding budget?

    Not everyone can afford a holiday for a million. The newlyweds in advance think about the costs of a wedding in Italy. The average budget for a wedding in Italy is a conditional figure and depends on many factors. That is why we can’t do without the help of a specialist - we will help you competently calculate and distribute your budget taking into account all your wishes. Most newlyweds treat the wedding very seriously, study and compare the prices at the ceremony, remembering the important rule of the "golden mean" - Quality at a reasonable price! In each case, you need to clarify with the organizers what is included in the price of the Base package or Tour. After all, someone else's "package" may be empty or "stuffed" and doesn’t suit for your event or unreasonably expensive services. If photography, flower decorations, a hairdo and make-up for the bride, musical accompaniment, a retro car are offered as additional options, this is understandable, and you can choose. The basic package of exclusive locations often includes renting a room for your ceremony, and this immediately increases the cost. The more guests you invite to the banquet, the more likely that the owners of the exclusive location will make a profitable discount on its rent. While planning a wedding in Italy, prepare for important additional expenses: accommodation, transport and food.

    We understand the need for the main attribute of the bride - a wedding bouquet, and therefore as a Gift we always include it in our Basic package of services.

    Examples of our prices for the necessary items of expences:

    · The organizer-coordinator services are from 500 euros, we have them always included in the Basic package.

    · Services of the photographer and / or videographer on average from 500 euros for 3 hours (minimum) of each work. Prices depend on the level of professionalism. Trust our experts, and you will receive unforgettable shots for the photo album!

    Weddings in Italy are always full of love, delight and romance, and so the costs pay off.

    You can get acquainted with the Basic packages of prices for weddings HERE.

  • How to choose the perfect wedding venue? Italy is beautiful and the choice is huge!

    Before selecting the location you need to decide together with your soulmate how much you are ready to spend on the wedding. Please look at the offers on the page "Prices". Those suggestions will be helpful in making the right choice. We offer only the best options for you!

    The climate in Italy is different, especially the weather of the Northern and Southern parts differs in winter. Thus choosing the season is important.

    We’re sharing on the website page "About Italy" the details of the sights, food peculiarities and national holidays in every region and suggested town. We hope it makes it easier to choose desirable spot of the Italian “boot” on the map and combining the wedding with the nice tours, mountain-skiing in winter or beach relax in summer. Please also visit the Wedding Themes page, where depending on the location or venue type you will be offered various theme ideas for your ceremony. Only you decide what your love story will be like!

  • Why does it have to be this agency? After all, there are other companies…

    You can ask: “Why are you different from other agencies? What are your benefits?”

    To answer these questions we prepared the page "About us" along with grateful feedback from our customers on the page "Testimonials".

    We also will be glad to meet you in person and allay all the doubts by inviting you to our office in Moscow or in Como at the same name lake Como in Italy! You can find all our Contacts on the website. You are welcome!

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