Ceremony on gondola

Mysterious and romantic Venice offers a Gondola wedding! In Venice, the gondola is a symbol of the city, captured by the most famous world artists and sung by poets!

Your symbolic marriage ceremony can take place on a modest little gondola, or on a luxurious royal big gondola with gilding and velvet decorations (Luxury class)!

An integral part of a Gondola wedding is a handsome gondolier in a smart-looking striped suit. On the royal gondola there are two gondoliers.

We offer flower decoration for your gondola, musical accompaniment of the ceremony with sounds of a guitar, violin, accordion or any other instrument, and we also hold ceremonies in historical costumes of the Doges.

Mooring on the gondola directly to the porch of the luxurious Palazzo, where you are met by trumpeters, jugglers with a fiery show, guests in carnival masks - a dream that will come true! You can take any costumes and Venetian Carnival masks for rent or order custom tailoring in the atelier, with whom we cooperate directly.

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