Thematic weddings in Italy: Yacht, Boat, Cruise Line

Yacht, Boat, Cruise Line

Wedding on a yacht or a ship suits for those who loves freedom, fresh air, romantic theme, calm lakes or restlessness seas of Italy.

Sea style obviously includes anchors and steering wheels, vests, flags, striped ribbons, different accessories in traditional blue and white colors, shells, and Mediterranean cuisine meals for guests – all that guarantees an unforgettable holiday!

Italian lakes invite you for a ceremony. You may use both the modern snow-white yachts and ships, and old boat, where only you and a photographer and a rower may fit. But how what a romantics is it!

If you don’t have enough time, or you want to do something unique and extraordinary, our professional stylist will help to invent your wedding theme on the boat or yacht. You are welcome!

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