Thematic weddings in Italy: Offer of marriage

Offer of marriage

Marriage proposal in Italy will be very romantic and exciting, if we can help you to organize it the way you want it to yourself!

An intimate atmosphere or crowded area, boat in the middle of a calm lake or a bustling sea beach - there is nothing impossible for us! Choose any part of Italy!

The tower of a medieval castle, mountain peak with a dizzying panoramic views, intimate fragrant alley of the aristocratic villa or stone walls of wine storage in candlelight. You’ll need all your fantasy in order to win the heart! Whether if you want to ride your beloved on a snow-white yacht to a small island far from people with a surprise prepared, or take a ride in a balloon - any dream will come true!

    Do you dream of making a photo walk in the form of an intriguing "Quest"? Especially for you, we will develop its route and arrange everything in its best form.

    Present a piece of Paradise to your lover! At the right time angels with lutes will appear, and your confession of love will be a song!

    The main thing is that even if she suspects about your intentions to arrange something special, and you are 99% sure of her answer to your offer, the surprise factor always remains your trump card!

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