Turin - one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.


Wedding in Turin surely will be as exquisite and majestic as in Rome, Venice or Florence. The capital of Piedmont is known in Europe for a mild climate and wonderful scenery - the Alps approach the city from the northwest, protecting it against cold winds. Here, in the Piedmont region, especially valuable grape varieties are grown and the most delicious truffles are collected.

If you order a wedding in Italy, you will be able to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Turin – nice combination of majestic architectural monuments, dozens of medieval castles, Christian relics, mysterious stories of white and black magic and enchanting music of Giuseppe Verdi. No wonder Turin was the capital of the Savoy Kingdom and the first capital of the united Italy!

Turin has a 2000-year history, it was the capital of the Winter Olympics in 2006, world’s capital of design in 2008, and remains the European capital of culture and art till today.

In 2008, the tourist guide «MICHELIN» awarded Turin three stars.

Turin and the Piedmont region gifted us the world-famous Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Chocolate, Tic-Tac, Martini and Cinzano drinks, Lavazza coffee, Kappa sportswear.

If you register a marriage in Turin, you will be able to treat your friends and relatives with delicious Piedmontese dishes. After the event, you will take a journey to the castles and the surrounding area.Perhaps you will find a new home here, or you would buy Fiat right from the conveyor.

Maybe, a trip to the Alps or relaxation procedures at the nearby Ligurian Riviera will be nice for you. We are ready to assist you whatsoever!

Wedding ceremony. Turin, Piedmont

  • Once in the capital of Piedmont, you can see the real Royal Palace - Palazzo Reale, left by the Savoy dynasty. Savoy Picture Gallery Sabauda is located in there. Your impression will grow after visiting the Palazzo Madama, Valentino or Carignano, listed as a UNESCO heritage list.

    And the most important thing attracting hundreds of thousands of people come to Turin every year is the Cathedral of John the Baptist. There are original and a copy of the Jesus Christ posthumous shroud of with imprints of his face and body.

    Another famous place is the basilica of Superga, a genuine Baroque miracle built on the Superga hill. A viewing platform constructed around the dome of the temple allows guests to admire Turin and the Alps.

    The tower of the Mole Antonelliana is an amazing place from whose spire you can take pictures of the whole city underneath. For more than a century it was considered the tallest building in the country and the something like an Italian Eiffel Tower. Now there is a museum of cinematography here.

  • Специально приглашенной звездой на этом празднике жизни станет «пьемонтская тарелка», на которой выложено около дюжины холодных мясных закусок. Знаменитые маленькие колбаски "cacciatorini", сало, сушеное мясо в рассоле, которое подается с фасолью или другими бобовыми, либо просто с хлебом. Другое необычно вкусное мясное блюдо - "Brasato al Barolo".

    Хлебные палочки "grissini", булочки "biovette" с хрустящей корочкой также имеют туринское происхождение.

    На сладкое вам подадут горячий шоколад, панна-котту, десерт "coppa di Torino" или печенье "дамские поцелуи". Местные шоколадные конфеты - гордость Турина.

    Ублажение желудка по-турински сопровождается активным потреблением вина. Именно здесь родился ритуал аперитива, который может длиться довольно долго и с легкостью заменить ужин.

    Вермут был изобретен в Турине в 1786 году Антонио Бенедетто Карпано и стал известен на международном уровне под маркой "Martini & Rossi".

    Turin’s cuisine has the best things taken from national cuisine, as well as French and Swiss national cuisines. The very these countries share the Alpine ranges with Italy and connected by the numerous tunnels laid in the mountains.

    In Turin, you can taste gnocchi - amazing dumplings, sprinkled with tomato or pesto sauce. By the way, it is this region where white truffles are collected. They cook good soups and sauces using them.

    The Piedmont Plate will attend your celebration as a specially invited star on which there are about a dozen cold meat appetizers. At the dessert you will taste a fruit panna-cotta. Turin-style feast is accompanied by active consumption of young wine.

    martini.jpg Свадьбы в Италии, Турин, с Italia Viaggi gnocchi.jpg salumificio.jpg cioccolato.jpg Свадьбы в Италии, Турин, с Italia Viaggi gianduiotti.jpg Свадьбы в Италии, Турин, с Italia Viaggi coppaditorino.jpg
  • January. Last Sunday of the month. This day is known for Tunis Carnival. The King of the Carnival is necessarily chosen here.

    On June 24, the whole of Turin celebrates the day of St. John the Baptist.

    All the summer the capital of Piedmont hosts guests of the international festival of young cinema.

    Turin is a place of interesting cultural events and plaves, such as the International Book Salon, or the Salon of Taste, which the organizers of the Slow Food Association are proud of.

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