Thematic weddings in Italy: Italian Villas

How does it feel – wedding party at Italian villa? One can picture vague romantic image: fine ancient building amidst beautiful garden with lawns and shady pergolas, so cozy to seat and to chat. Is that right?

Wikipedia says: villa is an ancient Roman upper-class country house. We can add that we select the most elegant noble villas for our weddings. They have everything you can imagine: unique architecture, luxurious halls with ancient Roman fresco, and well-kept beautiful parks ideal for wedding ceremony on open air.

Every villa has its own intriguing story and all of them absolutely exceptional – there are no two alike. What bride doesn’t dream of wedding party at villa Balbianello or Carlotta situated close to each other by Como Lake? These two are the most admired and popular among tourists. Young couples are free to choose between two major options – official ceremony or just a stand-up party. Wedding on a villa where oaths are given under tender Italian sun with Como Lake in the background is a dream come true for any bride and groom!

Don’t be upset! Even if it was decided to make the ceremony in another place, we will organize the photo session at these villas, and you will save the memory about your time at fairy lake! Would youlike to spend a good long time in Italy in order to enjoy the heartful meeting with relatives and friendswhom you haven’t seen for ages? To talk well and know all the latest news, to get acquainted all ofsingle groom’s best men with all single bridesmaids? You may stay in the big hospitable household, forexample in the country seat of famous Medici among Tuscany vineyards. It meant the coziness offireplace, relax near the emerald swimming pool, healthy sleep and dizzying country air. The guests willeagerly take part in workshop in Tiramisu cooking or competition in wine studying at the testing just atthe wine cellar! While the newlyweds will stay alone for the photo session, all others will have a ride in aholiday cruiser at the lake or we will take the quests to the sea!

Out of a countless number of variants, we would like to focus on the intimate one when a young married couple comes to a small private villa, just the two together or with their nearest and dearest people, with mum and dad. What a pleasure to arrange such weddings in a remote place, in private from the rest of the world! And in this case, we can design a program specially for you: we can find interesting sights, recommend best local restaurants and show neighboring medieval towns.

If you plan to invite a lot of guests who are not acquainted with each other and speak different languages, we will find a place where to accommodate each group of relatives or friends with comfort and we will take care of that they all come to your ceremony and banquet in time!

Wedding is an important event for a couple, and after revelry, when the guests leave for their hotels, we would like the newly married to have a moment of intimacy in each other’s arms! For example, for such evening we have a fisherman's house on the territory of the private villa where you can wait for the dawn while crickets are chirping and admire a long moon glade on the surface of Lake Maggiore …and let the whole world wait!

In any region of Italy we can offer a special place in the style you like with everything you need. Specific feature of weddings on the villas involves the location, since Italy is a country of contrasts! On Lake Como superb luxury villas are located on the steep slopes of high mountains that reflect in the water surface where we will drive along narrow roads, stay in a long tunnel at peak hours and walk across the raising up gardens-terraces and at leisure time we can set forth to degust cheeses from the snow-covered highlands of Valtellina. All of Sicily or Calabria will surprise you with the first-line villas with endless wide beaches, purest azure sea, juicy oranges on the trees, warm reception, full meals and home wine flowing like water!

It is important for us that you and your guests can comfortably get from the airport to the villa, quickly get to the nearest town to take a stroll, to go shopping or to have time in a restaurant. As a rule, there are no proprietary cooks at villas. Catering is the solution.

Italian aristocratic wedding feast is a conflux of sophistication, culture of drinking and service. For example, we urge our guests to order fish with no hesitating, because the fish is served and prepared for tasting right under your eyes. You will see yourself how a tender fillet is separated from bones and skins. You will learn how to combine wines with certain dishes and cheeses, and then you will have something to surprise your friends with when you come back home.

Depending on the chosen villa, you’ll enter the atmosphere of the local life of the city or the nearest village, and therefore you must comply with their rules, for example, to stop celebration before the specified time. Some private areas restrict fireworks and Chinese lanterns launch into the sky. All this, on the one hand, can be assumed as a restriction for our guests, and on the other hand - gives them the opportunity to "try on" the local life for themselves. If you are against restrictions and wish to have fun until the morning, you should choose the place very carefully, may be on the top of the hill, where you will be "the king of the mountain", or in the deep dark forest!

Wedding is surely not just a ceremony or a banquet. Don’t forget that you’re in Italy! One can never visit it without sailing or kayaking. Also, we’ll offer you the horseback riding, golf fields, grape harvesting, excursions to ancient cities, culinary master classes and tastings, climbing to the top of the mountain and even a balloon / helicopter / airplane flight!

Weddings in an Italian villa can be very different! For us, there is nothing impossible, and we will hold a 100% Italian wedding or, if you wish so, 100% Russian wedding with songs and dances, loaf and toastmaster!

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